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The Amazing Origin of Tabasco Sauce

Tabasco_peppersTabasco sauce can be located in its distinctive 2 ounce bottle on food shelves and in bars and restaurants in over one hundred countries. The sauce is still manufactured to the original recipe which is nearly 140 years old.In 1862, as the Union Army entered New Orleans, a banker called Edmund McIhenny and his wife, Mary Avery McIhenny fled to an island in the coastal marshes of Louisiana called Avery Island.Avery Island was almost literally an island of salt, and was the site of America’s first salt mine (which still provides 1.5 million tons of salt per year).
Mary’s family owned a salt mining business on the island and they took refuge there. However, salt was in high demand as a means of preserving meat for the war’s troops and in 1863, Union forces invaded the island and captured the mines.The McIhennys escaped to Texas, and didn’t return to Avery Island until the end of the war where they found their plantation ruined and their property ransacked. The only thing that remained was a crop of hot capsicum peppers.Edmund decided to try and somehow turn these peppers into revenue and went about creating a spicy sauce. He used vinegar, the salt from Avery Island of course and some of the remaining capsicum peppers which he chopped up. After allowing the mix to age in wooden barrels for several days, he drained off the liquid, poured it into some empty cologne bottles and gave it to friends to taste. The results were astounding.In 1868, McIhenny produced 350 bottles for Southern wholesalers. A year later, he sold several thousand bottles at a dollar each and soon opened an office in London to handle the increasing demand from Europe. The distinctive cologne like bottles are still used today.McIhenny called the sauce Tabasco after the Tabasco River in Southern Mexico, because he liked the sound of the word.

How to Make Tabasco Taste Like Doughnut Glaze: The Miracle Berry

Known to westerners since the 18th century, synsepalum dulcificum, or the miracle fruit, is a popular food that contains a mysterious protein that turns sour into sweet. The miracle berry contains a protein called miraculin and comes from West Africa. The miracle berry seems like something Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle would’ve used on a child that would only eat sweet things. The protein causes a sour-to-sweet reaction in any kind of food or drink. Flavor-tripping parties use this berry to turn on the taste buds. Most people gobble up anything they can with the berry and few don’t take to it quite as well. Regardless, eating the miracle berry has no dangers and is a food that will expand cuisine horizons.


Discovered by French cartographer Cavalier des Marchais, the miracle berry was eaten by locals in West Africa before meals. Some people are trying to use the berry’s “miraculous” powers for diets and diabetics. As a diet plan, eating vegetables that tasted like churros and pastries doesn’t seem like a diet many wouldn’t want to try or complain about. Some have even used the berry to counteract the metallic taste left in the mouths of cancer patients by chemotherapy.

The miracle berry contains low sugar and is also used as a sugar substitute for the miraculin content. Miraculin binds to taste buds and acts as a sweetness inceptor when it comes in contact with acids. The effects of the fruit lasts about an hour, enough time to taste all the foods in your fridge like you never have before. But it will come to a steep cost. A single berry can cost up to $2 or more. The fruit is available from a variety of online sellers and companies.

On its own, the fruit tastes like a toned down cranberry. But with other foods, it turns Tabasco sauce into doughnut glaze, lemon sourbet and Guinness into a chocolate shake, vinegar into apple juice, and goat cheese into cheesecake. Some even eat it with oysters Bartenders have been experimenting with this fruit as are many chefs around the world, trying to find the perfect combination of berry and sour foods for a pristine and exotic meal.

How to Remove Tabasco Sauce Stains on the Carpet

Tabasco-finishedHaving some spice in your food is certainly one good way to make it even more enjoyable. Many people love to use Tabasco sauce on their pizza, hotdogs, chicken, and many more of their favorite foods to make it hot and spicy. Tabasco sauce has certainly become one of the most used condiments by people all over the world.

While Tabasco sauce can make your food hot and spicy, spilling it accidentally on your carpet will make it ugly and filthy. Making this mistake can leave behind a nasty red stain on your beautiful carpet which will surely ruin its appearance. This is one situation which many homeowners find themselves in so knowing what to do to clean up this mess is very important.

Check out the helpful steps below to guide you in getting rid of the Tabasco sauce stains on your beautiful carpet.

• Quickly get a clean paper towel and try to blot the spilled Tabasco sauce on your carpet right away. Remember not to rub or wipe the spill as this will only cause it to spread. The right thing to do is to simply blot the area until you are able to extract as much of the Tabasco sauce out of the carpet.

• The next thing that you need to pay attention to is the ugly stain that is left behind on the carpet. Get a glass of clean water and add a few drops of it onto the stained area of the carpet. This is going to help dilute the Tabasco sauce stain so that it doesn’t set right away. Blot it using some paper towels and then move on to the next step.

• Prepare a cleaning solution made out of one part non-bleach laundry detergent and four parts warm water. This is going to be an effective solution that will help eliminate the ugly stain left behind on your carpet.

• Apply the detergent-based cleaning solution on the Tabasco sauce stain and allow it to set for about three minutes. Then, grab a clean white cloth and begin to slowly blot the affected area of the carpet. You will notice that the stain will become lighter and lighter until eventually all of it will be gone.

• For the last step, get some room temperature water and then use it to flush out any cleaning solution residue that get left behind on the carpet. After doing so, use some clean towels to dry the area completely before using the carpet once again.